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Analysis of what happened btwn my machine and as documented in the trace/screeecast pairs.

More work. Firefox was at automatic cache management, which is set to 350MB by default. Even though I realized it only after I took the trace/cast pair below, that was the likely reason that not much was GET'ed at all not even in this umptieth attempt below to sign up to StackOverflow. Umptieth, because previous to these three, which are scattered over a period of weeks, I haven't and may not look into (it's all extensive work).

I'll analyze the pair with the timestamp 161203_1629 (2016-12-03 08:16).

It can be assumed again from this screencast, that my clicking sends no POST to server.

But it can be confirmed with certainty that there was no POST of the username and password that I filled in to be POST'ed from:


I used uncenz and tshark-hosts-conv for taking the pair and for analysis.

The files necessary for this study are listed in: ls-1pg3


and verify to: ls-1pg3.sum signed by: ls-1pg3.sum.asc