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Author:  Miroslav Rovis ('1', at HT.HR)
To:  abuse.admin
New-Topics:  [ #4126606] Automatski odgovor: Re: Upozorenje T-Com administratora
Subject: Re: Upozorenje T-Com administratora
I'll give a translation, so my English speaking friends can see the
problem imposed on me (probably for no reason, or even completely
invented, for purposes of censorship; but let's see if we can talk with
those at all...).

I'll try and keep to literal translation when I can, will resort to more
descriptive and equivalent translation where it fits better.

Štovani T-com! (Respectable T-com!) moj odgovor nađite nakon prievoda
vašeg teksta! (find my reply after the translation of your text).

On Wed, Jan 07, 2015 at 04:14:47PM +0100, wrote:
> Postovani,

Dear Customer,
> Nadzorom naseg servera uocili smo da je s Vaseg korisnickog
> imena: rovismi1 generiran mail potencijalnog reklamnog sadrzaja (spam mail).

After inspecting our server we have noticed that from Your user account:
rovismi1 there has been generated a mail of potentially promotive
content (spam mail).
> Molimo Vas da to vise ne cinite.

We kindly ask you not to do that any more.
> Ukoliko je to pocinjeno bez Vaseg znanja najvjerojatnije imate virus
> (ili trojanskog konja) na racunalu. Stoga Vas molimo da sto prije
> instalirate neki od antivirusnih programa (odnosno trojan removal tool)
> koji ima informaciju o novim virusima (trojanima) i pocistite
> sva racunala s kojih ste se spajali na internet.

In case that the above has been committed without your knowledge you
probably have a virus (or a trojan) in your computor. So we kindly ask
you to install some antivirus software (or some trojan removal tool) as
soon as possible, which would be up to date with the new viri (trojans),
and to cleanse all yout computors from which you connected to the

> Ukoliko Vas mail klijent ima podeseno slanje preko
> servera, Vasa usluga ce nastaviti raditi nesmetano.

In case that your mail client is set to sending mail via
servers, the service that we provide for you will be unaffected.

> Radi Vase zastite, na Vas korisnicki racun postavljena je zabrana
> slanja mailova preko svih mail servera osim preko

For your protection, on your user account a ban has been placed for
sending e-mails from any other servers but

> Napominjemo da ova mjera nema nikakvog utjecaja na webmail usluge
> kao sto su gmail, hotmail, yahoo i slicne.

Do take notice that this measure has no influence on webmail services
like gmail, hotmail, yahoo and the likes.

> U slucaju da trebate dodatna pojasnjenja, molimo Vas da
> kontaktirate nasu sluzbu za korisnike na 0800 9000 (privatni korisnici)
> Ili 0800 9100 (poslovni korisnici).

In case you have additional queries or unclarities, please contact our
user service at +385 1 800 9000 (private users) or +385 1 0800 9100
(business users).
> Hvala

Thank you.
> --
> Hrvatski Telekom d.d.
> Abuse sluzba

sluzba = Service
> e-mail: 
> tel: 0800 9000 (privatni korisnici)
>      0800 9100 (poslovni korisnici)

I know you speak English fine, dear T-com, and anyway I noticed it is
possible as well to ask for and correspond with you in English. So:

Dear T-com Abuse Service!

I wouldn't say that what you claim above is true, especially I am
absolutely in the certain and clear knowledge that I didn't send any spam
myself, on the one hand.

But, although is is very unlikely, I, on the other hand, really can not
say that there has been no intrusion ever and in whichsoever way into my
computors, in any of some perticular periods within the time that I have
been your user (just please make sure you read how unlikely it is).

So, what I know, is that I did not send, let alone spam, no!, but almost
not any emails whatsoever, almost anywhere at all. So really we can
completely dismiss that I were to have spammed other people! Please read

The emails that I have sent in, we generally talk just since September
17 2014 when I became your user (although there will be a mention of the
immediately previous period), the emails that I sent in this period
since September 17, number hardly once or twice the number of fingers on
two human hands; although I'd need to go and count those to come with
the exact number, that is the order of that number: not even a few dozen
mails, let alone hundreds or thousands of mails, no! And, I'm trying to
remember, but, no, I don't think other then one single time, only one
single time to two recipients, to and ,
all the other emails to one single email address only.

And I am talking mails that I successfully sent from my computor, but
most of which weren't ever sent forth by you, T-com, at all, so the
numbers not discarded, completely baselessly, as junk by you number even
less than that already minuscule number.

So, again, the emails that I sent since September 17 when I became your
user are hardly more then maybe twenty or fourty emails (and most of
those were not sent forth by you at all), but were in brazen and
obnoxious fashion discared as junk by you (via other subjects, read on).

Also, since I joined T-com, it's one sole computor which I have any mail
agents/programs configured for receiving and sending mails and I send
and receive mails from no other computor but that sole one.

And that computor is running probably the best among all FOSS Linux
flavors. It is running the Gentoo FOSS Linux, and I built that Gentoo
box of mine in particular way that has, through time, even gained some
notice in Gentoo community among the more knowledgeable Gentoo circles,
and which way of building my Gentoo box has even gained me promotion
from lower intermediate level user to somewhat advanced level Gentoo
status, since from that method that I described in various posts on
Gentoo Forums, newbies to Gentoo can actually learn from, and apply for
themselves this particular Air-Gapped method that I described of
installing Gentoo.

And please allow me to stress to you that Gentoo FOSS Linux is probably
the hardest of FOSS Linux flavors, pretty knowledge learning curve steep
and intensive.

And on that Gentoo FOSS Linux of mine I use probably the best and
cleanest and most user-enpowering mail receiving and sending programs
that are really the least prone to snooping and intrusion of probably
all and any programs for sending and receiving emails, in the world of
today: Mutt, Postfix, Getmail, Maildrop, Dovecot...

And, back to the emails that I sent, again, hardly did any more than a
handful of those emails really go past your servers to be forwarded on
to the actual recipients. Rather, you sent them, via other subjects, to
junk, most of the my mails.

Via other subjects such as some spam internet "policing" sites that
likely get some sleazy money for, on top of some real spam prevention
that they nominally exist for, squeezing and clamping down on political
dissent and activism.

Let us be in the clear here, that we are talking e-mail account which I
pay for, privately, to Plus d.o.o Pula, (Pula is a Croatian
city in Istra, on the Adriatic coast, near Italian border), and the
email address of that account which I pay for is:

Yes, we are talking you, dear T-com, not allowing me to use what I
legitimately paid for in my country Croatia, and which is my
mail-account about which it can easily be looked up with that provider,, whether any spam, and when, and in what manner, and by what
means, and by which intrusion, if any (I'm speaking theoretically; I
know it could only have been intrusion, but you, lets say, don't yet
know), [whether any spam] was sent, if any (this is really the moot
point: if any!), from their servers.

Glad I am, on the one hand, that you are with this "abuse notice"
admitting to sending my emails that I send from
, to spam, as I proved for Iskon that they
did (Iskon who I was a user of, previously to becoming your user), and as I can
still demonstrate that you, T-com, have done.

This here, about Iskon, is the mention of the previous period that I
promised above, and it can be found out about at:

Postfix smtp-tls-wrapper, Bkp/Cloning Mthd, A Zerk Provider

By the way. I'll try and post this message in another post on that topic
on that address. Or you will find a link to this message there in that
topic on Gentoo Forums and on that address, today hopefully.

That much about your claim of my, possible (as you thankfully do correct
your accusation, but only afterwards, it really sounds despicable!...
Thankfully you are not claiming certainty about my "spamming")...
That much about your claim of my deliberate "sending" of "spam".

Still, you really really could in just the same fashion, accuse me of,
say, jumping from building to building with springs mounted on my shoes,
from my Zapruđe block all the way to downtown Zagreb and up to Sljeme
over the traitor Government and the outgoing traitor Presidential Palace,
over the skyline and without previously having obtained permission from
the City authorities for my pranks...

Or you could really really downright accuse me for flying from my
appartment in Zapruđe, over the river Sava and all the way over Count
Jelačić Square and over the Traitor Prime Minister Milanović's goverment
and over the Presidential Palace where the Traitor President Josipović
is about to finally be purged from on February 18 2015, and onto our
beautiful Sljeme Mount on the North of the City, there and back with,
say, portable wings.

Yeah, you could accuse me, exampli gratia, of flying with portable
wings, or jumping through the skyline on springs, to Sljeme.

You really could do that with just about the same level of plausability
as goes for your claim that I were spamming from my computors.

Just about the same level of plausability you can get for those!

On the other hand, as I took care to put it up front in the top, truly I
can not say that there has been no intrusion ever whensoever and in
whichsoever way into my computors.

Some snoopers, most notably Google, and others such as various secret
services (oh but the latter find the former the best of all accomplices
and associates and the paramount spying services provider)... But some
snoopers, most notably Google, are still without my reach as to what
exactly they do when they snoop into my computors, for the little,
really tiny amount of the time that I am online.

Now this is important. T-com knows it, but not all the other readers of
this text yet do.

The time that I am online usually measures in a few minutes per day.
Some days just a little longer but it still hardly amounts to say one
hour, per day. Very rarely, but very rarely, and I mean very rarely, do
I stay longer yet online.

For all the rest of the time, I am offline.

For completeness, there is just the IPTV the Croatian T-com's brand name
for it being MaxTV. However, if any emails whatsoever get to be sent
from it, it can only be up to you, T-com. As far as I go, I have not,
and don't intend to use the internet surfing option or any option close
to emailing, that it may provide.

For completeness, likewise, anything that may happen with the
adsl-router is up to you as well, you check those.

It is, however, true that in some of those periods that I am online, I,
as yet, do not have complete control. But plese read on; and do not take
this nor any other of my claims out of context.

Because no, I'm not saying that I lack control for those short periods,
short intervals online in my rare-presence-online days. Those I can
mostly see through what exactly happened... Mostly I have those under my
control, although even there a stretch here or there is sadly possible
where I may not be able to know what exactly happened...

But I am talking about the lack of control to a major extent only for my
time online in those rare longer periods that I am online. There, sadly,
sometimes I sill can not put all the pieces together as to who and what
might have intruded and done what exactly...

I intend to learn to deal with that, so I may improve in that respect,
in the future.

However, notice again, that those, the longer periods of my being
on-line, have been rare.

Dear T-com, allow me to point out, here, to you, that I don't probably
need to bother particularly about your advice on viri and trojans. I'll
explain, even though that advice of yours is a usual bugbear that can be
used by providers in their sleazy setups to politically dissenting users
like me...

(Just for more of completeness, as far as viri and trojans go, no,
ClamAV, which I sometimes run, doesn't find real viri nor trojans in my
computors, just the usual unavoidable Structurals and Heuristics and the

So let me, as I said, explain. I keep my computors that I allow online,
strictly only online. They don't see any of the computors which live on
my SOHO at all. And vice versa, the computors communicating between
themselves from the SOHO don't see those that are allowed online at all.
Not through wire, let alone through wireless, and also little or no use of
media unsafe by design such as USB sticks, to not go into detail.

Hard and arduous air-gapping I apply. And cloning, as you can read about

Postfix smtp-tls-wrapper, Bkp/Cloning Mthd, A Zerk Provider
[ link already given above ]

Also see here:

Air-Gapped Gentoo Install, Tentative

There is also my "Air-Gapped Debian Install for Newbies" tip on Debian
Forums in the Tips and Tricks section.

The cloning that I use may not protect me from some mass-surveillance
and mass-control retail Stuxnet kind of virus (oh, it's those M$
Hotmail, and gmail and yahoo that you mention you would allow me to use,
that know soo well about the mass-surveillance and control, those gmails
and yahoos and M$ hotmails and the likes, so lets not bother here, just
don't tell me you don't know what I am talking about)...

But while if, say, you or UDBA (the secret service in Tito's Yugoslavia,
of Tito the Slaughterer and the Oppressor of Croats; it's past, but the
neocommunists still holding the reins of power, like Milanović and
Josipović, both sons of Titoist worse followers, we then still call the
secret service in Croatia UDBA just the same)...

But I was saying, while my methods can not protect me from some very
intricate and elaborate retail Stuxnet kind of virus if, say, you or UDBA
decide to plant something in my computor, something like some such virus (and,
sure you can ask Google the Surveillance Engine about those), still these
methods of mine most certainly provide a very reliable way of restoring
my system into clean state. Because I build my system in the SOHO that sees
no internet whatsoever and I use the best methods there are for

It's pretty technical for avarage readers (and I do hope my connationals
will read this, as there we have bright young men and women that can
follow here just fine), but it's the emerge-webrsync and portage
snapshots and a local mirror the methods that I use and which are superb
methods, matchlesss methods, and so nothing goes in my quiet and humming
SOHO easily to corrupt and plant viri...

But I was saying, while my methods might not be an impenetrable barrier
for retail Schmoog the Surveillance Engine Snooper Secret Service Friend
Big Octopus of the Internet whose tentacles no one can avoid for long...

I was saying, while my methods are not an completely impenetrable
barrier, aren't you, my provider, Croatian T-com there to provide some
aditional barrier for my safety and not instead ad difficulty in the
equation as you seem to do?

Please, do prove to me that you want to help, and not aggravate.

I'll suggest to you a way to do so now.

Because, back to talking about what might have happened in the rare
cases when I didn't have complete insight into what might have happened
during my stay online, on the bright side of things, I really can
investigate that which might have happened. Because I take network
captures of what happened online with my computor...

Unless you, dear T-com, want to keep your claim unsubstantiated, such as
if you have rigged it in collusion with some snoopers of the internet
that rig people for reasons such as persecution of activists and
political opponents, that is: unless your claim really has no meat, we
can, together, find out, maybe even precisely, what happened, and when
that exact what happened, by means of which intrusion into which of my
computors it happened and similar.

I certainly do hope that you either will not stick to your claim if it
has no meat, or that you will help me understand when exactly which
email, and to whom, was sent from some of my computors.

Because, as I said, I take network captures and keep pretty
comprehensive logs anyhow, and especially of my time online, so I don't
think you can go with a complete non-disclosure regarding of which email
was sent and when from my connection to your servers when I went online.

I can really tell you with some likelihood, that if you give me the
time when that mail was, or times when those mails were, sent from some
of my computors connected to your servers, that I am likely to give you
more data as to whence the intrusion came.

Namely, I just very rarely go online without a complete network capture,
along with screencasting what I do online, and more. (And, again, even
that is about to hopefully improve for the better.)

So, dear T-com, do dress your claim with some meat and let's solve this

I really hope for your sensible reply.

I want to stress only one last thing that to any reasonable reader
sticks way out of the strange abuse claims by my provider here.

Dear T-com, I don't have any problems that you ban any other mail server
but your own,, and pls. take good notice, and:

that is, in IPv4:

which I pay for the hosting of, along with my other domains that are
hosted there,,, and

As far as email address, I can not accept that you ban me from using my
unless spam has been sent from there, which
I don't think you could get to accept such accusation
of on your part. No! No spam has been sent from
, unless you or the Internet's own
despicable Octopus set up some medium level Stuxnet kind against them,
to purposefully find them at fault!

Do ban everything else, if you really have to, just give me the freaking
back my freedom to use what I pay for!

Thank you!

And thank you, Gentoo community. Surveillance-free FOSS Linux is best
built with Gentoo!

Miroslav Rovis
Zagreb, Croatia

Any errors, corrections, and improvements to the methods to use, as well
as further issues, likely more technical and more fitting for the Gentoo
Forums, I will try and post on:

Postfix smtp-tls-wrapper, Bkp/Cloning Mthd, A Zerk Provider
(giving the link one last time in this text)
Pls bear with me, this is stressful, freedom endangering, time
consuming, and it is breaking my back, and all this after about a
week of high fever illness that drained my forces up unto a few days

Dear Gentoo community, do report this page if this isn't sufficiently in
your view about Gentoo, and if most of the senior members decide that it
is not acceptable, I will remove it with a link to this text that you
currently read underneath the:

Postfix smtp-tls-wrapper, Bkp/Cloning Mthd, A Zerk Provider
(link given the second and last time in this text a few lines above)

I will not oppose if a few senior members decide this text does not
belong here, but will comply. Pls. give me a few hours in that case. Ny
back is a little broken with all the effort, and my nerves a little
shattered. Thank you.

This text, on the other hand, is identical with what I am about to send
to Croatian T-com. First though, I posted it on Gentoo Forums. Those are
freaking dangerous bunch of control freaks, you really don't know how
they will react. So I have to beg you for more time, in case I get
really, really censored by them and can't even get to Gentoo Forums
(although that is hopefully not so likely).

Do notice, again, that, with time, not promptly, I intend to deploy here
issues more technical and more fitting for the Gentoo Forums. There should be
not at all much social stuff next for quite a while here from me in this
topic but rather really techie stuff, network packets and stories and
queries and research... With time, Vis Major (Latin), permitting...