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Full Instructions are Sparsed in Various Related Discourses Elsewhere...

Because pretty in-depth research-investigation-tips as well as attacks fended, or not, thanks to (when yes) to Grsecurity/Pax (Grsecurity for short in further text), can be found sparsed in various locations on Grsecurity Forums, Debian Forums, even Gnewsense mailing list and Gentoo Forums.

Due to my lack of time, the links to those places can not be complete, just yet, but here goes some of it:

######### the Tips page to start from: #################

Grsecurity/Pax installation on Debian GNU/Linux


Tips on Grsecurity installation for Debian newbies

"grsec: halting the system due to suspicious kernel crash"

"grsec: halting the system... kernel crash, the Debian side"

"grsec: bruteforce prevention initiated due to crash"

Short instructions for the Willing and Able, Who Will not Blame Me at All if Anything Goes Wrong

Download my PGP key:

4FBAF0AE.asc typo corrected, link ok
4096R/4FBAF0AE 2014-01-16 Key fingerprint = FCF1 3245 ED24 7DCE 4438 55B7 EA98 8488 4FBA F0AE

Compare it with what you get with the command:

gpg --recv-key 0x4FBAF0AE

That command should only tell you that the key is already there, and maybe only import some new signatures.

Download into a separate empty directory, cd into that directory, verify against my PGP key:

gpg --verify README.txt.sig

If verification is successful, run:

md5sum -c README.txt

If every linux-XXX.deb sum is OK, run, as root:

dpkg -i *.deb

Works for me, but I don't guarantee anything. You can use these packages solely at your own responsability!

Also there are things likely to not work promptly as expected, on reboot into the new kernel, such as iceweasel, grub binaries, and other programs, but need minor adjustments by paxctl, so you will need those links above.

This installation, though, is likely to work well, IMO.

More than that, really. It is likely to get you one sooo much more secure Debian GNU/Linux then if you stuck with the stock NSA's SELinux-"hardened"/arguably-backdoored Debian GNU/Linux that ships as default in GNU Debian.

A few Remarks Are Necessary

I haven't sorted the problems with mail, but lest the corrupted criminal Regime of my country don't shut down in the meantime... Let's not forget that a friend of mine, Marko Francišković (pronounciation: Fransishkovich), after a verbal dispute on Facebook with the Minister of Interior and one of the Vice-Presidents of the Government of Croatia Ranko Ostojić (pronounciation: Ostoyich), has been, utterly innocent, at least from criminal offence (generally people who witnessed and/or investigated allow for only minor, absolutely minor misdemeanor offence on his part), let's not forget that Marko Francišković has been, utterly innocent and completely sane, first imprisoned within a few minutes after that Facebook dispute (which disappeared, which was equally soon deleted fast away from public view), that he has then appeared in court, proceedings of which were rigged (such as the Facebook correspondence was not brought in not taken as evidence), and that he has then, following a superficial but designed-for-intended-result psychiatric examination not conforming to procedures and not within legal regulations but rather against the positive laws of the Republic of Croatia... let's not forget that Marko Francišković has then been shut in the psychiatric prison ward and has been, ever since then, some three or four months ago, constrained to be administered drugs to, drugs not only unnecessary for a sane person like him, but also pernicious, which could even permanently harm his health.

You can view Marko Francišković on Youtube in the video that I posted much earlier. It's one of the previous incidents, when police brutally arrested him for no real reason either, for just strong, decent but strong, words. I gave a link somewhere on If I don't remember to post if here (I mostly work offline, I'm not an expert to be able to stay online all the time, and remain unharmed), find it by pasting 'Marko Francišković' without quotes into engine (else the Surveillance Engine could easily prefer hiding it from you, Surveillance Engline means: Google, for the lacking in understanding).
Al Jazeera, Clashes on the Eve of EU Referendum, Francišković et. Al HRVATSKO

But I was saying that I haven't sorted the problems with my mail, but still, lest the corrupted criminal Regime of my country don't shut down in the meantime, Croatia Fidelis being the NGO that I founded, the domain HR is the Croatian domain...

I, naimely, haven't sorted the problems with mail yet, but, lest the near future holds hard times for me for this my simply reminding the public of my friend Marko Francišković in peril and under torture, once I solve the issues with mail, I'll use it again:

miro.rovis at

And till I sort those problems with the mail, I believe if you have any issues you can try and leave a message, it should be public for these matters that are public, I believe, on Grsecurity Forums or Debian Forums, depending where the issue gravitates.

But please, be very patient awaiting for my reply. I work slowly. I'm an oldish man.

I know what I explained about my friend Marko is not a technical matter, but only technical people can truly understand the attacks side of this fight for democracy of my circle of friends in Croatia, because quite a compound censorship, and from not just one source, traspires from the attacks on my computers and my SOHO (the links on Grsecurity Forums)... So any help by the understanding people surely will be appreciated, but I have no idea yet how exactly anyone of you readers could help... Most certainly, OTOH, keeping information about this persecution public till Marko Francišković is hopefully freed, and especially free from regime's drugs, helps!

I am not running this risk of talking about this dangerous man in power Ranko Ostojić, who put my friend Marko Francišković in prison and under torture, without fear either, but I simply can't keep silent about this injustice.

Miroslav Rovis
Zagreb, Vankina 4, Croatia
+385 (0)1 660 26 33
+385 (0)91 266 02 02

Needless the following reminding is for those visitors of this page who would understand it anyway (the fewer), but necessary reminding this is for most of the visitors, the majority of whom, the majority of these that do need to be reminded, won't completely understand it even after they've just read it next:
you can only really reach me via any of these means of communications if the "UDBA" (the minute NSA of Croatia, for lack of quicker short explanation) operative allows you through.

It should still go without saying for still really most of the users, that if this and other pages I don't update for too many weeks to come (two or three weeks intervals is almost the norm with the oldish Miro (pronounciation: Meero), but not many more weeks), something possibly happened to me as well...