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is the very start of my Open Little Book from Gentoo.

I have just, some three days ago (or more, it depends on how long it'll take me to post this somewhere prominent on, [I have just] been banned from Gentoo Forums.

I am starting to write these to Gentoo folks, in particular on Gentoo Forums because I want to post the facts about what happened, and more.

With the above "these" I mean a number of open letters/articles that I intend to write here and that I decide to name: Open Little Book from Gentoo. Not just because there is a lot to tell, but because I will continue with my quest and methods (see below).

I want to post the facts about what happened, and has been happening for longer, and about some baseless as hostile attitudes towards me that have gradually grown really ugly.

Because I believe Gentoo Community needs to look again into the ban and reverse it. That ban was completely wrong and unjustified.

The premises of the banning decision, along with the warnings issued previously were from the start very vague, and eventually turned into utterly unclear and false.

It is very likely, it is almost certainly, that, for that exact reason of unclarity of the warnings issued, and of the false reasons cited against me, that there was some frenzy of activity on the part of admins/moderators/some senior members, during my writing in the topics which either I had opened, or to which I contributed to (or to which my posts were moved into without my knowledge, let alone acquiessence, and without any previous open reports by other and to other Gentoo members, as is normally the case), during my last days and hours leading to the bannning of my account.

The frenzy must have been one of private forum mail consultations to design those that, regardless of how much effort they put in, couldn't grow out of what they remain: utterly unclear warnings and false accusations, during the events leading to the ban. A frenzy directed partly to hiding what really happened (what happened wasn't so particular, but some egos were hurt by facts having supported my claims)... But that frenzied activity couldn't remain completely hidden by virtue of what it did there where it did it, as I hope I'll be able to analyze. And take note that that which some of the admins/moderators did in that rush, was neither open, as Gentoo Foundation Constitution establishes in its proclamations, nor was it honest.

Namely the facts spoke against their statements and in favor of mine, and those facts they couldn't change other than by (where it was the matter, so I put some stress on the word: "partly"), by partly hiding and faking... I intend first to demonstrate that, from the factual proofs of network dumps, and screencasts.

But please wait, Gentoo moderator, or Gentoo administrator, or Gentoo senior member that you are, with your reply, or with your attempts to throw smear at me, if you are one of the permanent hate-throwers of the Forums. Allow me to first present my facts. Admins at Gentoo Forums know very well that I'm slow, and not very advanced. This will take me considerable time. Allow time before you react.

A measure? I hope it won't be weeks but days. But I can not tell precisely. Of work. When I am not engaged elsewhere. Meaning we are possibly talking anywhere from a week to months.

And that time is not concerning before I have presented the entire Open Little Book from Gentoo. Before I am done with all could take very much longer yet, such huge is that work, intertwined as it is with my continuing and advancing of my use of FOSS (these analyses are not something that distract me from it... There are even little programs to write for picking out pages from dumps.)

But the vague measure of anywhere between a week to a few months regards the time I might need before I have posted first sets of analyses. Those that will prove very clearly how you didn't uphold Gentoo Constitution, because you faked and hid.

It will take me long, because I won't cast aside everything else in my life and work only on that...

The damage that you caused to me, and the dishonest way in which you did it, calls for a reply on my part though.

And just: All along I am, and I will be, really looking forward to Gentoo reversing the decision. If not sooner, then when I present what happened in undeniable fashion. Because it is likely that some of the facts have been hidden from other fellow admins/other senior members as well... And I just don't believe that all the seniors with a say would support the injustice done to me.

So, please, have patience till I, God willing, present it, kind senior Gentooers in charge! And thanks for your kind consideration!

But I'm also writing this letter to whoever have [F]ree [O]pen [S]ource [S]oftware at heart and live parts of their lives working with, administering, using, various *nix systems.

Not for being a developer myself; I am just an advanced user, not even much of an administrator (yet). But because some among Linuxers/other *nixers who participate in various places such as numerous forums and mailing lists of *nix, and who are familiar with FOSS and different shapes that FOSS has been turning into, for good, or for bad


yes, also really bad! such as NSA-Linux, oh, I meant: SELinux, and such as Systemd and all of its family of intrusion enablers, including Dbus which is the first sine qua non condition for the turning of your *nix into an system docile to shadows, by opening it to all and anything non-free to work with, and upon, and underneath even true FOSS of your machine


So I am writing this Open Book from Gentoo to Gentoo and also to all FOSS lovers, and they may find some points to seriously consider, from the topics in which I have written during my time on Gentoo Forums, and which I will, hopefully, with time, present and further improve and advance. Those articles/methods/other I don't intend to lose.

I intend to continue my quest of how to use the good FOSS which is still plentiful for *nixers like me. And the FOSS true users may find my ongoing quest, but based on the premises already published on Gentoo Forums and other places, interesting to explore.

They may find some interest in reading my Open Little Book from Gentoo, from the social aspects that will transpire and likely intrigue or/and amuse them. And they may also be interested in reading about the ways that I worked out for myself, and which other *nixers can work out for themselves too, to use mine/theirs favorite flavored *nix operating system securely in today's world.

Just a few (pieces of) advice there will be, as I am only an advanced user with true conviction about a few important aspects of the industry and with understanding of some basic facts of the industry, but have not really contributed code to the community at large (well there is some, but it's really minuscule). Just a few advice which have, up until today, been contained, mostly, on various Gentoo Forums pages. But with conviction.

I will first write about what happened in the last days before and up until I was banned, on the Forums. I will do that because, as I already stated above, some facts about those events and about the ban itself have, right before and at around the time of the ban, started to be being partly hidden from public view, and maybe that has even worsened by now (I haven't visited the Forums in some three days before the time of writing this, which is 2016-04-03 18h +02:00; no, it is 4h later, as I'm doing another proofreading; nay, it is the next day the time of my final proofreading of this).

Those started to be being partly hidden from public view, but in parts crucial for the understanding of the story. Their actions say: "We ban you, and sorry we can't let the world really know all the how and why we did it.". But my reply hereby is: "Oh, no! It will be public how you did it, and therewith it will be open for deriving the reasons why you did it.".

Because the entire uncensored events will call for questioning of the perpetrators of the ban, as those facts will justify me.

After the recount of those events I will try and, quite verifiably because I have all in the traffic dumps and screencasts, see if I can present you with some of the history of my up until now, other good and bad days on Gentoo Forums, by pointing to pages on the Forums, or recovering them from my traffic dumps in case things about me that were public on Gentoo Forums have become missing, by action of some (rogue or not that he or she be, but surely acting counter-Gentoo-Constitution) administrator who decided to make them unavailable on Gentoo Forums (or to permanently delete them).

This first post is just a start. Maybe I first need to organize my archives properly, maybe in databases or in some other fashion, don't know yet...

The hexadecimal huge numbers at the top, the SHA256 hashes, will serve for the purpose of disallowing anybody to try and state that whatever else (and that else is many other hashes) is contained in those two text files, [will serve] to disallow anybody to claim that any of that was in any way shape or form invented after the day of my publishing of this initial post.

For that reason I must conclude this introduction and rush to publish this for the attention of Gentoo folks and at the availability of the public at large until, God willing, the reversal of my ban.

But still, there is an Addendum to write for me, and for you to read, to this Introduction, without which it is not complete. I intend to write it and post it to this link (empty at the time of publishing of this Introduction) this same day, or within days from it.