A Schmoog Intrusion

(I do not consider this video really finished, but it will remain like this for longer.)

This is typical. Was using Debian (which recently committed suicide with systemd) and the default DNS are to Schmoog... (choose Devuan instead)...

...and the Schmoog personnel (esp. local in Croatia) are obnoxious. As you can see, they think they own the internet, and all the machines on it, including mine (and guess what: yours, kind reader; just think how often these kind of things happen on users, esp. when they can't figure it out for lack of more advanced understanding).

As you can read on:
Air-Gapped Gentoo Install, Tentative

I posted that post on Gentoo Forums with the identifying SHA256 sums on May 16 2014, minutes after I screencast and packet-captured those 40-something seconds, and Gentoo Forums are, as generally the Free Open Source Software communities/institutions are, so much more credible than closed source big businesses.

A Simple Video Tutorial

FOSS is the only hallmark/area/field trustworthy in anyone's computing/OS/internet life and use; although its trustworthiness should not be accepted as such without constant checking on every single component of FOSS that you use (as it is often being eroded and fake components brought in).

Free Open Source Software is always found by new arrivals, by newbies who can learn fast, and who can learn good FOSS things, and with time become experienced users of FOSS programs that make the lives where they live and work a little better, and nicer, and more humane.

If you are wishful to learn how a video like this one can be made, head over for a relatively simple (unfinished) hands-on tutorial (but which includes a few tips which sometimes even "professionals" are not privy of).