Why did some of my pages not show?

(Not a complete analysis. And not a proof but a strong indication of my theory below.)

I don't doubt Prezime couldn't open my pages:


just as he claims.

And frankly, if my (usual) theory (it's about censorship goes my theory) is correct, the poor local provider's (and beyond) guys, I don't know when they will learn. The shame goes to the fine name of T-cogne (by nickname, out of endearment), but there's little point proving much here. Already too much work this posting here... I really could anlyze and post the corresponding traffic dump as well, but it's not worth the time.

However, I checked.

In the first place, it's with a capable hoster https://www.plus.hr that my https://www.CroatiaFidelis.hr pages are served from. Those guys don't even like me, and we had bad issues with one another, but, they, for the most part, just do the work right regardless.

In the second place, I haven't touched any of those pages which Prezime couldn't open one of, at Croatia Fidelis, since the time that I posted them.

And in the third and last place, all the pages are there! Have a look, or, wait, you had better...

...[or, wait], you had better look up just one last stretch:


and just maybe also a minute or two from this one as well:


Because I checked all the links as I posted them back at the time, and it's really too much work (even to view my checking of those). Only minor issues with links to local pcekpert.com (to <some-page>#<erroneous-local-pointer> I found, most likely due to one or two typoes of my own. Everything else opens as it should and as it had opened back then.

I'll try and post this in this topic, this local post at PCekspert.com, just two posts above Prezime's:


I'll edit that post of mine with a link to here, and a short explanation. Will add it, hopefully, to the bottom of that, currently one month old post of mine there.

And if I don't manage, then what will have happened in all likelihood, is: those poor guys (the providers' and the shadowy counterparts) are keen on making more pranks on me as they just like to shame their own firm, and, so sad, their country. Because censorship is a shame to a country.