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Analysis of what happened btwn my machine and as documented in the trace/screeecast pairs.

So I'll analyze the pair with the timestamp 161203_0816 (2016-12-03 08:16).

NOTE after posting of this: I came to some more understanding yet in the pg. 3, so see pg. 3, as this attempt still wasn't good enough.

As I said in the first page, and it can be viewed in the screencast, very soon, already after second 35 from start, you can see my clicking sends no POST to server.

But the screencast is mostly so that those to whom the traces are a complete mumbo-jumbo would get an idea of what happened.

The real talk is with the network traces:


To create and analyze the pairs, I use the methods of my simple and certainly primitive programs uncenz and tshark-hosts-conv, but that simple idea is the right way to explain, as soon as it comes to pass, what exactly happened in some particular event on the web, seen exactly as it happened, from the user's machine.

As far as uncenz, at the time of this writing you may need to clone the develop branch of my repo:

$ git clone -b develop

I surely view the traces in Wireshark. But how do you try to explain to the public what you see in Wireshark? With a lot of screenshots only, right? which is rather clumsy... So, when I need to relate things and ask for advice, I prefer to use Tshark, as anyone with the necessary prerequisites of skills and understanding can much more easily follow by issuing the same commands in their terminals.

But you shouldn't expect advanced scripts at all in those programs (sets of scripts actually) of mine. I'm not really a programmer. But I have no other way to solve my issues but to work myself on solving them.

It could be censorship of some kind:

T-cogne and PDF?, where the brute-force censorship is plain obvious, especially from the trace.

But it may be something else here, with these impossible Sign Ups to StackOverflow.

The files necessary for this study are listed in: ls-1pg2


and verify to: ls-1pg2.sum signed by: ls-1pg2.sum.asc