grsec-unoff RAP related Call Traces

(No. 0)  171114-1000-manu  171117-1426-oops  171118-0933-rsys  171118-1030-none  171122-1348-rsys  171123-1254  171123-1530  171124-0102-none  180101-1917-rsync 

(the title in some pages is misleading, but that's how in my --still-- vague understanding I started this section, can't now change that, sorry)

For now the talk could/might be on Github or mailing lists or forums about this.

Some of these places (or linked there from):

minipli/linux-unofficial_grsec, issue 4.9.61 #11

Grsecurity/Pax installation on Devuan GNU/Linux

grsec ripoff by Google, with Linus' approval

( The last one is just so visitors will know what Mailing List, which hosts that email of mine, I might also post about it, asking also the Devuan's masters for their valuable insight. That's not the topic here what you can read there. )

(or this page will be updated with links).

The Call Traces I might paste other and from my /var/log/kern.log's of the time and machine, because some Call Traces were recorded by rsyslog (those that I'll stick the "rsys" in their names). But first I'll post the Call Traces that weren't recorded in the kern.log but which I manually copied ("manu" in their name; tedious and long work, but textual, i.e. searchable unlike the pictures, which by the way I can't take because I haven't got a camera, eversince the shadows of this part of the world remotely bricked my world top spy firm Schmoogle's own Samsung Galaxy II, which happened more than a year ago. So no camera for taking pictures at this time anyway).

The page might expand, parts may be moved to their own pages, if I get support for uncovering what is happening here, and I'll try and keep the trace events chronological, so the ones from the logs will get into their chronological place below, or in their own page, but with chronological order clear for browsing.

Only this latest Call Trace, time flies fast... Catch at least a little of it...

LATER EDIT: I had had quite a few traces by that time already, but it's so much work, that I left out quite a few of those... That's what I meant with that remark.


The files necessary for this entire study (so far) are listed in:



and verify to: ls-1.sum signed by: ls-1.sum.asc