The Central Deployed A Hack to Mount an Exploit by Android Debug Bridge from my Nowhere-Ever-User-Connected Huawei Y6 2019

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The story has been probably completed, at least for most part of it.

It is July 5th, but my first discovery of the exploit was around June 26th, for which reason the timestamp in the locaction bears "cap-190626", standing for 2019-06-26, in "cap-190626-Huawei-adb-sr0")

The first page shows what happened when I would connect this smartphone via USB to a computer of mine.

The second page proves my correct use of Android Debug Bridge on another Android device, the Lenovo Tab 8.

But I actually make more available to the readers. You can even get the Y6's own video that I overlayed onto the screencast from my computer of the first page, from the network dump by following the tutorial on third page.

And, so that it be crystal clear this was hard, palpable reality, and not fiction in any segment of the story, I posted documents of purchuse, return and reinbursement (they are all in Croatian, but non-Croatian readers will likely still get the gist of it).

Do allow for errata, not necessaryly immediately after this publishing. If any, the notice of them will be posted here in this text as update, here in continuation.

NOTE 2019-07-20: Minor edits are marked like this one. There is now also page 5. Notice posted.

NOTE 2020-08-01: "to Mount an Epoit" corrected into "to Mount an Eploit" in all titles. Haven't noticed this until I posted Question about delivery and assurance on Olimex forums some days ago