My Account at Open.Tube Peertube Instance Compromized 1

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My account with all the videos that I posted on the Peertube instance Open.Tube has been compromised.

It's actually three accounts of mine there, as users miro_rovis, miro_vankina210_com and miro_exdeo_net.

I started noticing issues with opening my videos after I had uploaded them on Open.Tube during my posting on this Raspberry Pi forum topic that I had opened:
CM4 on CM4IO with Auvidea B102 play dead

What started to be happening with my newly posted videos that I was linking from that Raspberry Pi page is what I posted for this PeerTube - Framacolibri topic:
Security questions in concrete login and other problems

Namely this screencast shows how my videos were started to be spoofed:


I was confused, as likely others were; nobody complained that videos that I linked were spoofed for them, and they likely experienced just that.

You think: maybe it's the browser, maybe something on the way.

Only from the reactions of the top developers of Peertube (those are the two masters, they program it and bug reports are sent to them) was it clear to me it's a bug in Peertube. Alas, Open.Tube's version 1.4.1 is one and a half year old version that they do not want to do anything about. Won't fix. No, not solved, it's a won't fix. For justifiable reasons, but it's a won't fix.

That topic soon became unlisted.

Fine, but... But how am I supposed to tackle this pown or spoof that it be?

I am not going to repeat what I wrote on framacolibri 11147, just I want to thank kinetix for:
helping me with his advice.

It's not a given that my videos on Open.Tube are all lost. If the admin is alerted and look into it, especially if experts from give a hand, I believe it is perfectly possible that I do not need to go trough and recreate some twenty or so pages on my Internet locations where I embedded my Open.Tube videos, and that instead those video-embedded pages can work again just fine.


The above WEBM is listed in: ls-1
and verify to these SHA256: ls-1.sum
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with my public PGP-key).