Install Cinelerra in Gentoo (out-of-portage) -- Part 5


Building Cinelerra 1 2 3 4 5... [in progress, hopefully]

Cinelerra is Installable and is Permorming Well (Mostly)

I have little time I can dedicate here, but read some newer comments and tips at:

intro page to my testing of cinelerra-gg

(with a minor today's update)

But I can give you the links here as well to the scripts that I used to install the git versions:

Installing Cinelerra is easy and a breeze for me now, and should not be a problem for FOSS Linux using visitors either.

There is still an issue left, as it appears to me, for the purpose that I mostly use Cinelerra for, and which is motion stabilization.

I have reported ths issue on the Cinelerra Mailing List, and I hope it will get solved (that might be a very nasty bug left, but it may also be solved with a breeze of some of those wizard developers' insight, who can tell?)... Here it is, and subscribe to the list, and follow the news as they will, hopefully, arrive, maybe in slow time, in that list:

[CinCV TNG] Motion stabilisation issue

The mprotect grsecurity Issue is Still Left

There is the this other issue left, but it is only for security afficionados like me, with the mprotect that needs to be disabled, in other words if you are regrettably not using grsecurity-hardened kernel, you don't need to read here.

I don't remember if I explained it elsewhere, but it appeared at: 3.

And I only have a workaround yet. I had prepared a text somewhere, but a more complete one I lost, so only this I'll post:

This is my current kernel (with mprotect enabled, fine for Cinelerra from Gentoo Portage):

# uname -r


Since I'm not an expert, I'll disable mprotect in kernel, recompile the kernel
and boot into it, to use Cinelerra-5 (which installed without errors).

This is the diff btwn the today to build 160505-no-mprotect version and the
installed 160502 version:

# diff .config*
< CONFIG_LOCALVERSION="-160505-no-mprotect"
< # CONFIG_PAX_MPROTECT is not set

(some of it is automatic changes).

You must have noticed I had some issues with some cliqué at Gentoo, but surely that can not be final, and not all are such bigots there... It must be the contrary, we'll see...

Just what I meant: if any of the capable Gentoo hardeners are reading here, pls. drop us at Cinelerra mailing list (or me here, or me at grsecurity forums' Building Cinelerra and stack exec and mprotect issues), tell us how to solve that remaining hurdle! Thank you!


Probably this one you're reading is the last page of this bunch.